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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What is a male rabbit called?
A.  Buck

Q.  What is a female rabbit called?
A.  Doe

Q.  What makes up a trio of rabbits?
A.  A buck and two does.

Q.  What is a rabbit cage called?
A.  Hutch

Q.  A domestic rabbit can be bred with a wild cottontail rabbit.  True or False?
A.  False - They are different species.

Q.  A domestic rabbit can be bred with a wild European rabbit.  True or False?
A.  True - Domestic rabbits are descended from wild European rabbits.

Q.  What mammal order are rabbits classified as?
A.  Lagomorphs 

Q.  Sores on the bottoms of the feet.
A.  Sore Hocks

Q.  What rabbits are raised for their wool?
A.  Angora

Q.  What is the treatment for Mange (fur mites)?
A.  Sevin dust, cat flea powder or Ivermectin.

Q.  Good ventilation is important for disease control.  True or False?
A.  True

Q.  How many times a day should you water your rabbit?
A.  At least twice a day.

Q.  How can you keep rabbits cool in the summer?
A.  Frozen water bottle in cage, sprinkle water on hutch roof, keep hutches in shade, fans.

Q.  How can Hutch Stain be removed?
A.  Dab with lemon juice or use a mixture of cornstarch & water.

Q.  Sun can fade a rabbit's fur.  True or False?
A.  True

Q.  What breed has very short, plush fur?
A.  Rex & Mini Rex

Q.  How do you groom a normal furred rabbit?
A.  Brush off loose fur, moisten hands and rub them over the fur.  Trim nails.

Q.  When is the best time to feed your rabbit?
A.  At the same time every evening.

Q.  Is heat or cold easier for a rabbit to tolerate?
A.  cold

Q.  How many teeth does a rabbit have?
A.  28

Q.  Name two ways to control disease in the rabbitry.
A.  Keep hutches, food & water containers clean, do not lend rabbits, quarantine new rabbits, provide fresh food and clean water, bury or burn dead rabbits, good ventilation

Q.  Name a cause of Sore Hocks.
A.  Thin fur on foot pad, wet & dirty cage, rough wire, nervous rabbit, long toenails, inherited.

Q.  What is the initial treatment for diarrhea? 
A.  Remove pellets, feed hay and rolled oats.

Q.  What is the best way to prevent Coccidiosis?
A.  Keep cages & feed dishes clean.

Q.  What is the treatment for Ear Canker (ear mites)?
A.  Mineral or vegetable oil or ear mite medication.

Q.  Shedding or changing of fur.
A.  Molt (Moult)

Q.  Rabbits should never be put in drafty areas.  True or False?
A.  True

Q.  Where are rabbits believed to have originally come from?
A.  Spain

Q.  Stain on the coat as a result of urine, manure or rust from the cage.
A.  Hutch Stain

Q.  Iceburg lettuce is a good treat for rabbits.  True or False?
A.  False (No nutritional value and can cause diarrhea.)

Q.  Where did Angora rabbits originate from?
A.  Asia

Q.  Name a "fancy" breed.
A.  Dutch, Polish, Tan, Netherland Dwarf, Dwarf Hotot, Holland Lop, Mini Rex, Britinnia Petite, etc.

Q.  Name a breed best suited for meat & fur production.
A.  New Zealand, Californian, Palomino, Champagne d'Argent, Rex, Satin, etc.

Q.  What is a pedigree?
A.  A record of a rabbit's date of birth and 3 generations of ancestors.

Q.  Rabbits are classified as rodents.  True or False?
A.  False (Lagomorphs)

Q.  Rabbits are considered serious pests in Australia and New Zealand.  True or False?
A.  True (They destroy vegetation)

Q.  Who originally is believed to have introduced domesticated rabbits to England?
A.  The Romans

Q.  What is the biggest change in rabbits since they have been domesticated?
A.  Increase in size and weight.

Q.  Name a giant breed.
A.  Checkered Giant, Flemish Giant, Giant Chinchilla, Giant Angora

Q.  Rabbit hutches should be placed in full sun.  True or False?
A.  False

Q.  Large fold of skin at the throat.
A.  Dewlap

Q.  This disease of often caused by Pasteurella or parasitic infections and causes the head to twist to the side.
A.  Wry Neck (Head Tilt)

Q.  How do you treat Coccidiosis?
A.  Sulfa medication

Q.  An extra claw on the inside of the front leg.
A.  Dewclaw

Q.  Name the 5 body types.
A.  Commercial, Compact, Full-Arch, Semi-Arch and Cylindrical

Q.  What is another name for the Semi-Arch body type?
A.  Mandolin

Q.  Name a Compact breed.
A.  American Fuzzy Lop, English Angora, Standard Chinchilla, Dwarf Hotot, Dutch, Florida White, Havana, Holland Lop, Jersey Wooly, Lilac, Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Polish, Silver

Q.  Name a Full-Arch breed.
A.  Belgian Hare, Britannia Petite, Checkered Giant, English Spot, Rhinelander, Tan

Q.  What book lists pictures, descriptions and standards for all the breeds?
A.  The ARBA Standard Of Perfection

Q.  What class does 6-class have that 4-class doesn't?
A.  Intermediate (6-8 months)

Q.  Name a Semi-Arch breed.
A.  American, Beveren, English Lop, Flemish Giant, Giant Chinchilla

Q.  How old is a senior rabbit?
A.  Over 6 months (4-class breeds)
Over 8 months (6-class breeds)

Q.  Removal of undesirable rabbits from the herd.
A.  Culling

Q.  Name a common cause of breeding problems.
A.  Overweight, Heat, Heredity, Vent Disease

Q.  Name the 4 fur types.
A.  Normal, Rex, Satin, Wool

Q.  The mother of a rabbit.
A.  Dam

Q.  "Variety" is a term for what?
A.  Color

Q.  When do a baby rabbit's eyes open?
A.  10-11 days

Q.  Does with litters should be on full feed.
True or False?
A.  True

Q.  What does "lactate" mean?
A.  To produce milk

Q.  Name a kindling complication.
A.  Kits born on wire, doe with Mastitis or Caked Breast, Pneumonia, Ketosis, Dystocia, Abortion, poor maternal instincts, doe fails to produce milk

Q.  Name a Cylindrical breed.
A.  Himalayan

Q.  The father of a rabbit.
A.  Sire

Q.  At what age should kits be weaned?
A.  6-8 weeks

Q.  Which ear do you tattoo on a rabbit?
A.  Left

Q.  Very contagious disease due to Pasteurella or Bordetella.  Symptoms include sneezing and discharge from the nose.
A.  Snuffles

Q.  Bacterial infection in the eye often due to a Pasteurella or Staph infection.
A.  Weepy Eye

Q.  What is a baby rabbit called?
A.  Kit

Q.  A group of kits.
A.  Litter

Q.  What does "palpate" mean?
A.  Feeling the doe's abdomen to see if she's pregnant.

Q.  When should the nest box be put in for a pregnant doe?
A.  28 days after the doe is bred.  (3 days before kindling).

Q.  Name two ways to control disease in your rabbitry.
A.  Quarantine new rabbits, strict sanitation, good ventilation, good nutrition & fresh water, strict culling, rodent & insect control.

Q.  What does it mean to quarantine a rabbit?
A.  Keep it separate from the rest of the herd.

Q.  When a doe gives birth.
A.  Kindling - kindle

Q.  A rabbit with no pedigree.
A.  Grade

Q.  Rabbit gestation (pregnancy) averages how many days?
A.  31 days

Q.  When you breed rabbits, do you mate them in the buck or the does cage?
A.  Bucks cage.  (If you put the buck in the does cage, the doe may attack the buck.)

Q.  A buck and a doe should be left together for a least 1 week to ensure successful breeding.
True or False?
A.  False - The buck and doe should never be left unsupervised as they may injure each other.

Q.  How long should a new rabbit be quarantined from the rest of the herd?
A.  At least 3 weeks.

Q.  Rabbits are born with their eyes open.
True or False?
A.  False

Q.  What does ARBA stand for?
A.  American Rabbit Breeders Association

Q.  Fur that quickly returns back to it's normal position when stroked back to front.
A.  Flyback

Q.  Any defect or fault that detracts from appearance.
A.  Blemish

Q.  Fur that slowly returns back to it's normal position when stroked back to front.
A.  Rollback

Q.  A rabbit must be "purebred" to be shown at an ARBA sanctioned show.  True or False?
A.  False 

Q.  What is the age for Intermediate rabbits?
A.  6-8 months (large breeds)

Q.  Name a Commercial breed.
A.  French, Giant & Satin Angora, Champagne d'Argent, French Lop, Harlequin, Hotot, New Zealand, Palomino, Rex, American Sable, Satin, Silver Fox, Silver Marten

Q.  When is the best time to palpate a doe?
A.  12-14 days after mating

Q.  Name two types of records that are important in good rabbit raising.
A.  Expenses, Income, Pedigrees, Show Records, Hutch Cards, Doe Records, Buck Records

Q.  Baby powder and silicone based hair sprays are commonly used to groom a rabbit for show.
True or False?
A.  False - These are illegal

Q.  A fungal infection of the skin.
A.  Ring Worm

Q.  Bacterial infection causing diarrhea and death.
A.  Enterotoxemia

Q.  Very contagious disease that kills rapidly.  Symptoms include fever, difficulty breathing, depression, seizures and bloody nasal discharge.
A.  VHD (Viral Hemmorrhagic Disease)

Q.  Bacterial infection of the dewlap.
A.  Wet Dewlap

Q.  What is the treatment for "Wet Dewlap"?
A.  Remove excess hair, apply antibiotic ointment.

Q.  Name a breed with "Eye Bands".
A.  Dwarf Hotot, Hotot

Q.  What breed has a "Sheen" to it's coat?
A.  Satin, Satin Angora

Q.  Disease spread by insects and birds.  Symptoms include swollen eyes, ears, nose & genitals.  More common in western states. 
A.  Myxomatosis

Q.  Symptoms of this disease include sloshy belly, grinding teeth and jelly-like secretion in the stools.
A.  Mucoid Enteritis (Enteropathy)

Q.  Swelling caused by infection under the skin.
A.  Abscess (Boil)

Q.  Eye with a milky film over the surface.
A.  Wall Eye (Moon Eye)

Q.  "Crowns"  are found on what type of breeds?
A.  All Lop breeds except the English Lop

Q.  What breed has a "Saddle"?
A.  Dutch

Q.  Profuse drooling caused by tooth infection or illness.
A.  Slobbers

Q.  Distended, large stomach.
A.  Pot Belly

Q.  Mating rabbits that are closely related such as parent to offspring or brother to sister.
A.  In-Breeding

Q.  Breeding rabbits that are descended from a common ancestor.
A.  Line-Breeding

Q.  Mating unrelated rabbits of the same breed.
A.  Out-Breeding

Q.  Mating of rabbits of different breeds.
A.  Cross-Breeding

Q.  A "Triangle" is a feature of what color patterns?
A.  Tan and Agouti

Q.  Genes that hide the expression of other genes.
A.  Dominant

Q.  Rabbit show category for breeds having an ideal adult weight of under 9 pounds.
A.  Four-Class

Q.  Rabbit show category for breeds having an ideal adult weight of 9 pounds and over.
A.  Six-Class

Q.  How many rabbits are in a Meat Pen entry?
A.  Three

Q.  What is the maximum weight of a Meat Pen rabbit?
A.  5 pounds

Q.  How many pairs of chromosomes do domestic rabbits have?
A.  22

Q.  You must be an ARBA member to exhibit your rabbit at a National ARBA Convention.  True or False?
A.  True

Q.  A form of Malocclusion where the incisors meet evenly together.
A.  Simple Malocclusion (Butting Teeth)

Q.  Give an example of a 4-Class breed.
A.  American Fuzzy Lop, American Sable, English, French & Satin Angora, Belgian Hare, Britannia Petite, Standard Chinchilla, Dutch, Dwarf Hotot, English Spot, Florida White, Harlequin, Havana, Himalayan, Jersey Wooly, Lilac, Holland & Mini Lop, Mini Rex, Netherland Dwarf, Polish, Rex, Rhinelander, Silver, Silver Marten, Tan

Q.  Give an example of a 6-Class breed.
A.  American, Giant Angora, Beveren, Californian, Champagne & Creme d'Argent, Checkered Giant, American & Giant Chinchilla, Cinnamon, Flemish Giant, Hotot, English & French Lop, New Zealand, Palomino, Satin, Silver Fox

Q.  What is a sign of poor ventilation in a rabbitry?
A.  Condensation on windows, ammonia smell, temperature or humidity higher than the outside air

Q.  Imperfection not serious enough to disqualify.
A.  Fault

Q.  Which breed has a "Chain"?
A.  English Spot

Q.  "Ring Color" is found on what variety group?
A.  Agouti

Q.  What is the only breed with "Standing Fur"?
A.  Silver Fox

Q.  What does the term "Density" refer to?
A.  The thickness of the fur

Q.  Where would a "Butterfly" be located?
A.  On the rabbit's nose

Q.  The color at the base of the fur shaft.
A.  Undercolor

Q.  A "Blaze" is found on what breed?
A.  Dutch

Q.  "Red Urine" is a symptom of bladder infection in rabbits.  True or False
A.  False - This is normal discharge of undigested protein.

Q.  The longer, coarser hair of the coat that protects the undercoat.
A.  Guard Hair

Source: Knowledge Bowl

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