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1 week old

Sire: Phoenix - Ruby-Eyed White Buck - 6 Legs
Dam: Allison - Black Doe

DOB: 11/08/08 - 6 kits - 2 chestnut agouti, 2 blues, 1 broken chestnut, 1 broken blue

This litter of mini lops will be ready by 01-03-09 at 8 weeks old. Please contact us for more information or speak for the one you're interested in. Between 6-8 weeks after we type our bunnies, we'll know which ones are for sale.

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Here are the photos at 3 weeks old!

Here are the photos at 4 weeks old! The "keeping" will be retyped when they are 8 weeks and will decide if we're really keeping them or for sale. Please feel free to inquire or place on the waiting list for the "keeping" ones.

AlliPh 1 - Chestnut Agouti Buck - Went to live with Charlotte in Carlsbad, CA

Alliph 2 - Blue Doe - Went to live with Micalyn in Orange County

Alliph 4 - Blue Steel Gold Tipped Doe - Keeping

Alliph 6 - Broken Chestnut Doe - Keeping

Alliph 8 - Broken Blue Doe - Went to live with Carol V. at Bakersfield, CA

Alliph 10 - Chestnut Doe - Went to live with Stephanie C.
This baby is docile and compact. We might decide to keep her and she's growing to excel the broken chestnut and broken blue does.


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