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DeSurra's Phoenix - Ruby-Eyed White Buck - 8 Grand Champion Legs


San Bernardino Show 03/07/09
- Best in Group (BOG)

Del Mar CA Show 03/01/09
- Best Opposite Sex Breed
- Best Opposite Sex Variety

Pomona CA Show 12/13/08
- Best of Breed in Youth Show B
- Best of Variety in Youth Show B

Cardiff San Diego CA Show 08/16/08

  • Show A - BOB (Best of Breed)
    Show B - BOB (Best of Breed)
    Mini Lop Specialty Show - BOSB (Best Opposite Sex of Breed), BOSV  (Best of Opposite Sex of Variety)
    Best in Show in both Youth Shows A/B

Orange County CA Fair 08/02/08
1st Place in Solid Junior Show

DOB: 03/05/08
Sire: Kersting's Gypsum Canyon - Broken Smoke Pearl - 3 Legs
Dam: Desurra's Qatar Kingdom - Broken Opal - 1 Leg

Phoenix is a VERY gorgeous buck and very typey! He has great conditioning, very good bone structure, good ear length, crown and head width, shoulders, loin, hips - just a massive body! He also has an excellent disposition.


Eddie (2-year-old Golden Retriever) played with Phoenix (2.5 months old).

Bell's Leon Di Giovanni - Steel Black Gold Tipped Buck - 5 Grand Champion Legs


DOB: 03/22/05
Sire: Desurra's Giovanni - Broken Opal - Grand Champion 14 Legs
Dam: Bell's Evelyn - Silver Tipped Steel Black  - Grand Champion 3 Legs

Pomona CA Show 12/13/08
- Best Opposite Sex Variety in Youth Show A

Leon is a very sweet boy. He has a massive head, good shoulders, midsection, and hindquarters. He is now one of our herd bucks which produces nice typey offsprings.

VG's Malystrix - Broken Black ST Steel Buck - 3 Grand Champion Legs

    Hypnotized by Chris, laid still for 4 minutes!!

DOB: 05/31/08
Sire: Bell's Leon Di Giovanni - Grand Champion 5 legs
Dam: DeSurra's Breeze of Gold "Mariposa" - Broken Chestnut - 1 leg

San Bernardino 03/07/09
-Best of Group (BOG)
-Best of Breed (BOB)

Pomona CA Show 03/01/09
- Best Opposite Sex Breed
- Best Opposite Sex Variety

Pomona CA Show 12/13/08
- Best of Breed
- Best of Variety

Malystrix is a playful boy. He has a good head, crown and hindquarters. He won Best of Breed in Pomona Show and we are proud of him. He looks a lot like his dad, Leon.

Hoppin's Arctix - Pointed White (Black) Buck


DOB: 04/13/08
Sire: Hoppin's Junior - Pointed White Black
Dam: Alpine's Valorous - Pointed White Black

Arctix has the best disposition. If there's a race to the front of the cage, he will be the ONE to win EVERY single race! Arctix's type is generally nice, hopefully, the head will balance with the ears as he matures. Thank you, Qadoshyah for this beautiful buck!

 VG's Haywired - 1 Grand Champion Leg

BPPh1 - Broken Blue Mini Lop Buck

Cardiff by the Sea, CA 07/19/09
- Best Opposite Sex of Variety
- Best Opposite Sex of Breed

Sire: DeSurra's Phoenix - Ruby-Eyed White Buck - 8 Grand Champion Legs
Dam: Milkhouse's Butter Pecan - Broken Blue Doe
DOB: 11/25/08


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