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Venus Green (VG) Rabbits Adoption Policy

General Adoption Pricing
Show Quality - from $75
Brood Quality - from $55
Pet Quality - from $45
Prices are subject to change, final fee will be determined and agreed upon adoption.

- 15% discounts to 4H members
- 10% discounts of purchases of 3 or more

Show Quality
All the rabbits that VG has for adoption are show quality, whether they will be used in a breeding/show program or as a 4H project. All of our rabbits are free from disqualifications, with the exception of the rescued ones. The rabbits which are classified as show quality because of the type, color and temperament that we believe that they will score well on the show table. However, we cannot guarantee that the rabbits that we sell to you will win in shows. We cannot also guarantee that show quality rabbits will produce offspring, even if they have done so for us in the past. If you are in 4H, please let us know when you inquire about the rabbits. Upon verification, we will give discounts to 4H members.

Brood Quality
A rabbit which is classified as breeding quality does not have any major type flaws. They are not competitive enough on the show table. However, brood quality rabbits may produce nice show offspring and can be a great assets to your breeding program when they are bred to the right rabbits. Breeding quality animals may have a disqualification, such as white toenails, missing toes, nips out of an ear, too many stray white hairs, etc. We cannot guarantee that an animal sold will produce for you even though the animal has a track record of producing in VG rabbitry.

Pet Quality
Pet quality animals may come with or without pedigrees, starter food for transitional phase, hay, and a lesson on caring for the rabbits. We will always be available as your resources. Mini Lops make excellent pets. They are VERY sweet and calm animals.

What we define as pet quality doesn't mean that the bunny is not good quality, they are all in superior quality to us. Pet quality means that the bunnies are sociable and docile, and are qualified as pet bunnies, especially for homes with children. We hold these bunnies everyday to make sure that they're ready for you and your family. Most babies are weaned by 6-8 weeks. This is the best bonding age.

We purposely breed every litter for show by selecting the right sire/dam for the litters. All the litters we produce are from grand champion bucks or does or both. As a breeder, we constantly look for specific colors and body type to balance with the rest of our herd for show. For the ones we know that will go to a pet home for sure is because we either have those colors in our herd or we are looking for another body type as brood or show.

As with all pets, they need tender loving care and lots of holding and patting to make good lifelong pets. Some pets may be older retired show or brood rabbits which are sweet and calm. You can also purchase show and brood quality rabbits as pets as well.

Recue Rabbits
Venus Green rescues healthy and friendly rabbits from families who cannot keep them anymore due to certain circumstances. All rescue rabbits MUST have a vet check within 48 hours before sending them to us. We will gladly take the rabbit to our vet, and the original owner will be responsible for the vet check-up fee - $40. Most of the rescue rabbits will go to nice families and schools. Provided that we have cage space, we will gladly accept your rabbit(s) and post your
rabbit(s) for adoption. If you have children, please kindly communicate with your children that adopting/buying a pet is a big responsibility - caring, feeding, cleaning, patting & holding, and playing with them - in order to make good lifelong pets.

General Policies

- Whether you're getting  show, brood, pet, rescue rabbit(s), NO rabbits will be used for meat! You can contact meat pans for meat rabbits and we can provide you with more resources on where to buy them.
- VG's rabbits are sold solely for show, brood, and pets only.

- At least 50% deposit is required on all animals which you are planning to purchase unless special arrangements have been made. All deposits are not refundable.
- We request that the deposit to be received by Venus Green within 2 weeks upon the time of your expressed interest on the rabbit(s). If no deposit is received for your spoken rabbit(s), the rabbit(s) will be put up for sale.
- We accept cash in person, money orders via postal mail, and paypal online.
- No animals will be sold under 8 weeks of age.
- We reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone at our discretion.

- Venus Green will not hold any rabbits without a 50% non-refundable deposit. If we need to hold rabbits for more than 2 weeks, a full payment will be required. Deposit or full payment must arrive within 7 days. By paying the deposit, you are asking us to hold the rabbit. If additional days of holding is necessary, there will be a boarding fee of $5/day. Venus Green reserves the right to pull out of the adoption arrangement at any time in the best interest of the animal.
- The 2-week holding period starts when the baby rabbits reach 8 weeks of age.
- We can arrange rabbits by meeting you at a show, arranging transport, or meeting you somewhere in North County San Diego area. Transport is available for Orange and Los Angeles County, transport fee will be applied.

Health Guarantee
- All rabbits have a one-week health guarantee.
- This does not include any injuries afflicted to the rabbit(s) while they are not under VG's care such as stress, neglect/abuse, injuries caused from other animals, heat stroke, etc.
- If we can trace the illness back to our rabbitry within the first week of ownership, we will refund your money.
- You have 24 hours to report an illness to VG, otherwise the refund is void.
- VG is not responsible for any vet bills of your rabbit(s).

- All rabbits have pedigree, registration papers and leg certificates (if any).
- Pet rabbits do not come with pedigree. If you would like a copy of the pedigree, it will be an additional fee of $10 per rabbit.

Replacing/Returning Rabbits
- VG will replace a rabbit that it's adopted as a buck but turned out to be a doe, and vice versa.
- VG will replace a rabbit that has deceased within the first week of your ownership if we can trace the illness from VG rabbitry.
- VG will gladly take back healthy rabbit(s) under certain circumstances and provided we have cage space available. You can also bring your own cage, food and water bowls. There may be a waiting period for VG's cage space. There is no refund on the adoption fee of your rabbit(s).


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