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Venus Green Rabbitry provides a balanced nutrition diet for our bunnies. Their diet consists of a pellet blend of King Feed, 3-way hay, fresh vegetables, and occasional pineapples and papaya to prevent fur blockage.

You can order the pellet blend from Venus Green for $1.25/lb. with a minimum of 10 lbs. order.


Type of Rabbit              Daily Feed Requirement

Bucks .........................3 to 5 oz.
Resting Does ...............4 to 6 oz.
Gestating Does ............5 to 7 oz.

*Lactating Does-
First 3 weeks..............0.5 to 0.75 lb.
3 weeks to weaning....... 1 to 1.5 lb.

*Growing Rabbits............. 2 to 4 oz.
* Self feed on a free-choice basis for best results.

Pet Transport: Pet Airways

Bunny Boarding: $5 per day at Venus Green. Owner brings feed.

Color Guide: Lop Color Guide 1 | Lop Color guide 2 | Kit Color Guide

Genetic Calculator


Feed Store: H & H Feed, 31011 Valley Center Road
Valley Center, CA 92082. Phone: (760) 749-6100


Spay/Neuter Information for Pets:


Vet: San Marcos Animal Medical Center, 325D S. Rancho Santa Fe Road, San Marcos, CA 92069
Phone: (760) 744-7410
Note: Very affordable rate and Dr. Hosking does a great job on my pet bunnies.



The first of its kind, a new "rabbit only" Spay/Neuter Rebate program from San Diego HRS is now in place! Rabbit caretakers who get their rabbits spayed or neutered can mail a copy of their receipt to San Diego HRS and get a refund for a portion of the surgery cost. Rebates are $25 for a neuter (male rabbits) and $40 for spay (females).

To get your rebate, mail a copy of your surgery receipt to:

San Diego HRS Spay/Neuter Fund
P.O. Box 261553
San Diego, CA 92196-1553

Rebate checks are mailed out approximately every two to three weeks.

This rebate can be combined with others, including one offered by the County Dept of Animal Services, to save a good amount on the cost of spay/neuter. A generous donation of $3,000 has been provided by the Calkins Family to get this program underway, and San Diego HRS is looking to match that amount through donations from individuals and corporations. This program is open only to residents of San Diego County. To learn more about this new program, email


The County has once-again funded a program to assist individuals with the cost of spay/neuter surgeries for their pets. Coupons are available ONLY to individuals living in the County's service area, which is the entire unincorporated San Diego County and the Cities of Carlsbad, Encinitas, Solana Beach, San Diego, Del Mar and Santee.

Coupon values are: Spay (female) $50; Neuter (male) $25

Coupons can be gotten from each of the three County shelters (see, or from Pet Assistance.

Contact the County to ensure they still have Spay/Neuter Coupons available, at telephone 619.236.4250.


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All articles from Brightside are by Teresa Wooden.  Permission is granted for use.


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