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Hi, my name is Molly, an American Fuzzy Lop. I am just sun-tanning on my picnic table.

  • actually ....ZZZZZZ....hypnotized....

Venus Green is a small rabbitry in San Diego, Southern California. Venus Green's team consists of Jay (dad), Amy (mom), Chris (14 yo), Lawrence (12 yo), and Jeslyn (6 yo). In addition to ? number of bunnies, we also have 1 sweet cockatoo Clara, 9 koi fish, 1 arowana (2-ft. long fish), 9 red-eared slider terrapins, and 1 golden retriever Eddie, along with all the bunnies!

Venus Green specializes in raising show and brood quality mini lops and American Fuzzy lops. We breed for type, temperament, and color. Besides breeding for show, we have BEW mini lop and pointed white mini lop projects in progress.

We hug and hold our bunnies everyday and they are all happy and healthy bunnies. Our rabbits are fed on Purina Show Nutrition Diet and a good selection of hay and fresh vegetables. Occasionally, we feed some papaya or pineapple to prevent fur blockage.

ARBA Rabbitry Number: A487
Member of Mini Lop Rabbit Club of America
Member of American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Club


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